We’re proud to announce the Neocities CLI, a command line tool for power users that want to quickly make changes to their site from their shell terminal.

Some of it’s many features include:

  • Easy to use - simple design, informative help screens for each subcommand.
  • Push support - uploads an entire directory. Great for static site generators.
  • HTTP persistence - the CLI reuses a single HTTP connection, improving performance.
  • Check before upload - checks if the file data matches before uploading.
  • Gitignore parsing - automatically skips files in root gitignore file for git repositories.

Try it out

If you’re running OSX or already have Ruby installed, run this command:

gem install neocities

If you get a “permission denied” error, you may have to run the command as root:

sudo gem install neocities

After installation, you can run it by executing the neocities command, which will display a help screen with a list of subcommands.

If you don’t have ruby (or aren’t using OSX), click here to see your options for installing Ruby for your platform.

As with most of our source code, the Neocities CLI is open source and available for review (and pull requests) on our github repository. Have fun!