During the planning for a proposal at the FCC to scrap Net Neutrality, which would have broken the current internet standard of fair and equal access to consumers, Neocities responded by rate limiting the FCC’s office’s access to our site to dialup modem speeds, and charging $1000 to remove it through what we called “The Ferengi Plan”. It was the most popular blog post I’ve ever penned, so popular that it was at the top of Reddit’s front page for two days, and was written about in at least a dozen news articles. It was a clear demonstration to me that Americans really, really care about Net Neutrality, a demonstration so powerful that it even surprised me.

Today, in a Wired op-ed, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his support for Net Neutrality, and laid out his strategy for ensuring that the FCC protects it.

I want to take back what I said earlier, and personally thank Tom Wheeler for listening to the millions of Americans who spoke out loudly to endorse Net Neutrality, and for taking a bold stance to help fix this problem for future generations.

I recognize that this is just the first step, and that this proposal is likely to get pushback from lobbyists in congress. But it’s a step in the right direction. To everyone at the FCC working to protect the internet, thank you.

We’ve removed the FCC bandwidth cap. If anyone @fcc.gov wants a free supporter account on Neocities, let us know.