Making the Web Fun Again

Bringing Back the Spirit of Geocities
for the Modern Web

Open Source Bridge 2015

Kyle Drake, Victoria Wang

When you don't create things,
you become defined by your tastes
rather than ability.

Your tastes only narrow and exclude people.

So create.

- Why the Lucky Stiff

Remember when


created web sites?

Facebook CEO's First Site

That's right.
The founder of the largest social network in the world...
used gray backgrounds.

My first web site

Victoria's First Site

The best website ever made:

They looked bad.

So what?

It was fun

Anti-social networks

Now we just get a text box. Seriously?

Everybody's "profile" looks the same.

It's arranged in the same way.

And the Stasi NSA spies on East Germans
all of humanity.

Fun? Humbug! Now it's all about


This isn't


it's a


The web used to be about

creating things

How do we bring that back?

Three big problems to solve:


Bring back "free home pages"


Invent a zero-ads business model


Make websites that can't shut down.

one month later:

open source? why not!

Our expertise and trustability creates our value, not easily reproducible code secrets.

RE: Design

47,000 web sites

100+ million visits

...and growing

This isn't Nostalgia!

Web sites can do things social networks can't.


Resource portals


restore individuality


Make things that


15 years old, and it still works:

And the Internet Archive backs it all up


Make beautiful things:


Teach the Future

Old ideas


modern technology

Easy site browsing

Activity Feed

Browser HTML editor

Oh, we had problems:

  • SPAM
  • Doxxing
  • Viruses
  • WaReZ file dumping
  • Browser crash scripts
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Legal Threats

These were difficult.

It took a lot of work (and learning) to solve them.

The street finds its own uses for things. - William Gibson

Next steps

  • Get more media attention
  • Continue improving tooling and functionality
  • Increase recurring revenue
  • Make Neocities sites stay up forever.

No, really. Forever.

IPFS creates a permanent, decentralized P2P web.

All sites on Neocities are instantly federated.

Result: Neocities sites can stay up, even if we don't.

One more thing...

The web used to be fun.

Help us make it fun again.