Distributed Web

Kyle Drake,

The Distributed Web

Community powered web sites that have no central point of failure.


HTTP Data Erosion

A Library of Alexandria that can't burn down.

Other Problems

  • The NSA
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Political extremism
  • Abusive IP laws
  • Crypto Wars II
  • Expensive court battles

Because it's possible.

Today, centralization is winning.

A distributed web changes this power dynamic.

Servers and clients become
cooperative nodes

The Basic Formula

Cryptography +
Distributed Hash Tables +
Web Mechanics
Distributed Web

crash course

Cryptographic hashing



Public-Key Cryptography

Public-Key Cryptography

source: @mbauwens

Distributed Hash Table (DHT)

  • A distributed key/value database
  • No central coordination of network
  • Millions of potential nodes
  • Fast: 20 hops for 10,000,000 nodes


The distributed web isn't a single project, or a single philosophy.

DNS Namecoin
WWW IPFS, Zeronet
Email / Messaging BitMessage
Monetization Bitcoin, Ethereum
Routing Cjdns, Tor
Off The Grid Wireless Mesh Netorks

Domain Names:

  • A bitcoin fork for domain names
  • Completely distributed, no ICANN, no point of failure
  • Domains end with .bit (futuretalk.bit)


  • The permanent web
  • Content addressing (hashes, not IP/path)
  • Retrieve sites from any node
  • Mutable and immutable data
  • Ambitious, specially designed DHT, lots of ongoing work

WWW Honorable mention:

  • Uses BitTorrent DHT
  • Bitcoin keypairs for mutable data
  • Integrated Tor
  • Data is pinned after viewed

Query any IPFS node and you receive
the same web site.

ZeroNet + Tor + Namecoin =
distributed, anonymous web site with domain name:

What we need from Web Browsers

Things we need from web browsers:

  • Path Origin Security

Less practical things we need from web browsers:

  • Namecoin and/or IPFS support built-in
  • Integrated Tor (more legit traffic is needed!)
  • A Pony
  • Strong cryptography is a fact. It's not going away.
  • The distributed web is already here and it's getting bigger.
  • Will there be mass adoption?

I'm done.


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