High volume,
bandwidth heavy
infrastructure on the cheap

Kyle Drake, neocities.org


  • Cloud is "Cheap in, expensive out"
  • You're getting ripped off on bandwidth.
  • If it doesn't matter for your site, good for you.


Google Cloud:

Fastly: $0.12 - $0.28/GB

Neocities Rates:
$0.00125 - $0.01/GB

Not a big deal? Consider this:

Let's Convert That...

1000Mbps connection
192,000 GB/mo

192,000 GB (1000Mbps)


Google Cloud:

$240/mo - $1,920.00/mo

... or a 61x - 7x difference

Stockholm Syndrome:

  • "Your use case is different"
  • "Just use CloudFlare, it's FREE!"

"Premium bandwidth"

"I'm using Kubernetes to save on costs"

"React cut a couple of servers for us"

"Serverless Architecture"

Just Stop It

Tooling isn't your problem. Costs are.

It's not just bad for your wallet.

It's bad for the internet.


IP Transit goes away

Replaced with CDNs/Clouds run by a couple huge companies

Why this is bad

  • Centralized gatekeepers
  • Less organizational autonomy (IP addresses, etc.)
  • More restrictive services


Go with providers that charge you market rates for bandwidth:

  • OVH / Hetzner / etc.
  • VPS services (Vultr, Digital Ocean)
  • Voxility
  • Rent racks in datacenters (Pittock Building) & buy transit directly (Cogent, HE, NTT, etc.)

Fun tip: run traceroute on "adult entertainment" sites

If you really want to get hardcore:
buy IP addresses, learn how use route them (BGP)

The Distributed Web

Community powered web sites that have no central point of failure.


A way to incentivize it.

I'm done.

thank you